Priscilla Owusuaah Sarpong: A Rising Star in Global Fashion

Priscilla Owusuaah Sarpong, a talented fashion designer, is making a name for herself in Kumasi, Ghana, where modern style meets rich cultural heritage. Her brand, Sarps Clothing, reflects her passion for fashion and her dream of becoming a global designer.

Priscilla’s journey is a testament to her creativity, determination, and strong connection to her Ghanaian roots. With a lifelong passion for fashion, Priscilla was inspired by her mother’s sewing skills and the vibrant textiles and traditions of Kumasi.

After formal education and training, she launched Sarps Clothing, which quickly gained recognition for its unique blend of modern and traditional Ghanaian designs. Priscilla’s commitment to innovation, quality, and cultural heritage has earned her a loyal following locally and internationally.

Despite facing challenges, she persevered and continued to hone her craft, eventually gaining industry recognition. Priscilla aims to showcase Ghanaian fashion globally, sharing her culture through her designs.

She actively seeks opportunities to expand her brand’s reach, collaborating with designers, participating in fashion shows, and leveraging social media. With her brand gaining international recognition, Priscilla plans to explore new markets, diversify her products, and support emerging designers in Ghana.

Her story inspires with its blend of passion, hard work, and clear vision, marking Priscilla Owusuaah Sarpong as a rising star in global fashion.

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