RiGG 13 – Made In Absentia EP


After months of speculation and weeks of anticipation, RiGG 13 has officially released his 1st studio project; “Made in absentia”.

This EP sees the Ghanaian promising act proving his prowess not only as a rapper but as an Artist who is capable of saving our sinking music industry.
The extended play “Made in Absentia” has six (6) songs with an extra bonus song which features an upcoming vocalist by the name king Xzibit.

It opens with an “Intro: M.I.A” where the talented act enlightened us about himself and how proud he is as a Ghanaian when he speaks the Twi language.

It continues with “Journey’s test” where he tells the public the extent to which he will go to be heard as far as monetary investment is concerned with his craft which includes paying 10k when DJ’s request for it.

Third (3rd) on the Amazing EP is “Gigolette trap” this hip hop song sees a different trap sense of music and the beast which resides in RiGG 13. These songs have been styled with emotion, hard multi syllable rhymes and energy.

RIGG 13 is a Hero, icon and will be the leader of the new breed of music some time to come.
After the amazing trap song comes “Uuch”, I feel on this song RIGG 13 was directing it to our “let’s pay” guys who will pay without seeing the thighs of these ladies. Well, experience has been known to be the best teacher. Lol.

The Fifth (5th) on this EP is “G.I.A” which means Get It Anyways.
I don’t really know what he wants to get anyways, listen and find out for yourself, won’t tell you everything lol
Then last Two songs on the album are a nice afro pop song with Cape giant king Xzibit now Known as Kwacy for his shift from Secular music to Gospel.

This song was to Thank God for all that he has done in his life and probably for a successful EP; MADE IN ABSENTIA.
Obviously, this Ghanaian promising Artist is among the few who believes in the trap era to come. Let us listen and support RIGG 13’s movement.

#WeGoDoAm 👽 a slogan which he upholds high and uses to inspire and motivate himself. He will never sink our music industry… Enjoy M.I.A and give us your candid opinions.





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