NPP-UK Director of Communications Open Letter to HE John D Mahama

NPP-UK Director of Communications Open Letter to HE John D Mahama

HE John D Mahama
NDC Headquarters
Accra- Ghana
18th January, 2024

Dear HE John D Mahama,

I write to you in my capacity as the Communication Director of the NPP UK, addressing the recent comments you made regarding your plea for a “honeymoon period” should you be re-elected as the President of Ghana.

This request, in the context of our nation’s pressing needs and the limited timeframe of a presidential term, raises serious concerns and warrants a candid discussion.

Ghana operates within a political framework where a presidential term lasts only four years, a period which is already constrained and requires strategic and focused leadership. The final year of this term, as you are well aware, is predominantly absorbed by campaigns, further compressing the time for effective governance. The notion of a honeymoon period, traditionally a grace phase for new governments, seems an unaffordable luxury in our context, given the myriad of socio-economic challenges awaiting immediate and decisive action.

Your request is particularly perplexing when considered alongside your previous remarks about the inadequacy of a four-year term for a government to implement significant national changes. It is contradictory to acknowledge the limitations of a term, yet simultaneously advocate for a period of reduced pressure and scrutiny at the start of it. In addition, you are very much aware you cannot lead for more than one term (4 years) as President of Ghana.

As the Communication Director of the NPP UK, it is my duty to voice the concerns that this plea for a honeymoon period raises. It appears to suggest a readiness to forfeit valuable time, which could otherwise be dedicated to robust policy implementation and addressing the urgent needs of our nation.

Leadership, especially in a country as vibrant and filled with potential as Ghana, should be about action from the onset, not seeking respite before the work has even begun.

In light of this, I urge you to reconsider your stance even though you are less likely to win the next election. The people of Ghana deserve a leader who recognises the
preciousness of time in governance, who approaches the role with a sense of urgency, and who has a concrete, actionable plan to address the nation’s challenges from the very first day in office. The future of our nation hinges on the actions taken today, and
every moment of inaction is a missed opportunity for growth and development.

As I conclude, I hope this letter conveys the gravity with which your recent comments
have been received and the earnest plea from many for leadership that prioritises immediate and effective action over grace periods. The aspirations and needs of the Ghanaian people should shape the ethos of our nation’s leadership, and it is with this in mind that I respectfully submit these thoughts for your consideration.

Long live Ghana.
Long live NPP.
Long live NPP UK.

Yours sincerely,

…. Signed….

Kwaku Bimpeh
Director of Communications

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