“I don’t want to marry a virgin” – Nollywood actor, Baaj Adebule

“I don’t want to marry a virgin” – Nollywood actor, Baaj Adebule

Nollywood actor and filmmaker, Baaj Adebule revealed in a recent interview that he doesn’t intend to marry a virgin when he is ready to settle down.

Speaking in an interview with Pulse Hot Takes in the Does Virginity Define A Good Woman episode, when asked if he wants to marry his wife a virgin, the actor stated that he doesn’t intend to marry his wife as a virgin because of the process it takes to disvirgin a lady and how traumatic it might be for him as a man.

He said;

“No…Because first, obviously that means you are g oing to have to do the disvirgining, which is something I’ve been through before and is quite traumatic. When people think about it, they only think about the female, no one ever thinks about the guy and what he goes through, it is a very terrible experience for a guy”

Internet users have taken to the comment section to share their views regarding the actor’s answer.

@naomi_ville Responses that keeps encouraging immorality.. imagine a naive young girl seeing dis nw

@emmyolowo1 The painful part is after that day, na you go begin de lecture her of different styles, it gets boring as times goes on

@leeeymarrrh The f@ke hatred against virgins make me laugh .. you guys literally want a virgin with ashawo vibes

@juddypat You don’t want a virgin online but offline,, body counts matters 😂😂😂😂😂all of Una dey ment 😂😂😂

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