Wicked Queen J Reaches New Heights of Academic Achievement in Denmark

Renowned Ghanaian musician, Wicked Queen J, based in Denmark, has successfully completed her two-year program in Pharmaceutical and Psychology at ‘Sosuh’, one of Denmark’s premier secondary education and vocational schools specializing in health sciences.

Wicked Queen J’s impressive academic achievement demonstrates her dedication and hard work, as she excelled in a rigorous course that combined the study of pharmaceuticals, psychology, and related laws. Her comprehensive training includes managing and caring for mental health disorders, authorization law, psychopath law, sympathetic law, medical laws, and service laws.

As part of her professional development, Wicked Queen J will undertake a four-month service at the Psychological Institute Psychiatric Hospital before commencing full-time service at the same hospital, contributing to the nation’s healthcare sector.

Notably, despite her demanding academic schedule, Wicked Queen J continued to nurture her music career, releasing the popular anthem “I Kill For 2” featuring Yaa Pono and Natty Lee, which remains a staple on radio and music outlets.

Please join us in congratulating Wicked Queen J on this remarkable achievement and exploring her music, including the hit single “I Kill For 2″ available below.”

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